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Our Vision Statement..

It’s 2018. It shouldn’t be revolutionary to understand that the key to health, both in a body and in a community, relies exclusively on the health of it’s systems.

When you eat nutritious food your body thrives. When you make informed decisions your community thrives.

The mission of Farms of Fitness is to empower people to make healthy choices, both for the self and for the global environment, by connecting people to their local farms. We work with rooftop mavens, warehouse whisperers, beehive-builders and shadow-boxing innovators across the DC Metro Area to deliver fresh produce directly to your fitness class.

This is a new era of sustainability and we won’t accept concrete for an answer.

In a time of catastrophic flooding, record breaking heat, and life-threatening drought, we need to think about the ways in which we cover the physical earth, and if we can do better.

I want my city to be protected from stormwater by plants. With rooftop gardens, I want the building I live in to absorb the carbon it emits and to support the 400 species of bees that are dying off by the colony each year. I want the air that I breathe to be filtered by trees and the heat waves to be absorbed by more soil.

There is so much potential for change in the city we live in- why not support food projects that are already happening for the same price you see in the store?

We believe in spreading global love. Casting the net of engagement far and wide in our newsletter, we feature recipes, lifestyles, and mindsets spanning all different cultures, and dismiss the concept of an other. With interviews from local DJs and artists, builders, creators, Ted X speakers and scientists, we aim to nourish your mind and excite you, causing you to look at the world in a different way.

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